The ORIMHA Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health (IMH-E®) is intended to recognize experiences that lead to competency in the infant-family field.  It does not replace licensure or certification, but instead is meant as evidence of a specialization in the field.  The ORIMHA IMH-Endorsement® is cross-sector and multidisciplinary including professionals from child and/or human developed, education, nursing, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, social work, and others.  Endorsement® indicates an individual’s effort to specialize in the promotion and/or practice of infant mental health within his or her own chosen discipline.

Those who have earned Endorsement® have demonstrated that the individual has completed specialized education, work, in-service training, and reflective supervision/ consultation experiences (as defined in Endorsement® criteria) that have led to competency in the promotion and/or practice of infant mental health.  Earning Endorsement® does not guarantee the ability to practice as a mental health professional, although many who have earned Endorsement® as licensed mental health professionals.



Endorsement Category:  IFA= Infant Family Associate, IFS= Infant Family Specialist, IMHS= Infant Mental Health Specialist, IMHM= Infant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical, Research/Faculty, Policy)

Approved to Supervise:  Under the Endorsement® requirements, this person is approved to provide Reflective Supervision or Consultation to the following Categories of Endorsement Applicants.

Open to New Supervisee:  This person is interested in providing Reflective Supervision or Consultation to other professionals.

More Info:  Hover over the professional’s name to see more details about this Endorsee’s current work and contact information.


CItyCountyWork PlaceJob TItleApproved to
Open to
LanguagesMore Information
Allison BerryIFAGrants PassJosephineImagine That Creative Children's CenterTeacher
Alyssa BarklowIFARoseburgDouglasDouglas County Healthy FamiliesFamily Support Specialist
Amanda SmithIFABendDeschutesMountainStar Family Relief NurserySite CoordinatorNAEnglish
Amethyst HernandezIFAMadrasJeffersonMountain Star Family Relief NurseryProgram Coordinator
Amy Lunstedt
IFANewportLincolnLincoln County Health and Human ServicesCommunity Health Nurse 2NANAEnglish
Amy WechterIFANewportLincolnLincoln County Health and Human ServicesCommunity Health NurseNAEnglish
Anneliese Sheahan
IFAGladstoneClackamasOR AFSCME Council 75Staff Representative Child Care Providers Together and Sponsoring Org Rep/Master Trainer

Bobbie CrowellIFAGrants PassJosephineSiskiyou Community Health CenterHome Visitor
Bobi Sparks IFA Grants PassJosephineSiskiyou Community Health CenterOutreach Home Visitor
Bonnie ColbourneIFASalemMarionFamily Building BlocksHealthy Families Assistant Program ManagerNAEnglish
Bonnie DautermanIFARoseburgDouglasAdapt/CompassSpecial Projects CoordinatorNANAEnglishBonnie Dauterman Info
Breeze Powell Spivey
IFANewportLincolnLincoln County Health and Human ServicesCommunity Health Nurse 2NANAEnglish
Brenda KoehlerIFAPortlandMultnomahEarly Head StartEducation, Training, and Dev. CoordinatorNANAEnglish, SpanishBrenda Koehler Info
Brooke RobinsonIFABendDeschutes Siskiyou Health CenterMIECHV Home VisitorN/ANoEnglish
Cara SiefertIFABeavercreekClackamasFamily Stepping Stones Relief Nursery- Lifeworks NorthwestEarly Childhood Education SpecialistNANAEnglish Cara Siefert Info
Carol StaatsIFAThe DallesWascoThe Next Door inc.Nurturing Visitation Counselor and Community Health WorkerN/ANoEnglish
Cecilia Hurt
IFACentral PointJacksonSouthern Oregon Child and Family Council, Inc.Specialist INANAEnglish
Cindy MillerIFACave JunctionJosephineSiskiyou Community Health CenterHome Visitor
Dana JohnsonIFARoseburgDouglas CountyUCAN: Healthy Families of Douglas CountyHealthy Families Home VisitorN/ANoEnglish
Danielle Stamm-ThomasIFAHillboroWashingtonCommunity Action Washington CountyEarly Childhood SpecialistNANAEnglish
Donna Boyce
IFAToledoLincolnNurse Family Partnership ProgramCommunity Health NurseNANAEnglish
Donna Ellis
IFAMedfordJacksonSouthern Oregon Child and Family CouncilCenter ManagerNANAEnglish
Elisa CartwrightIFAThe DallesWascoThe Next DoorHealthy Families Home VisitorNANAEnglish
Evie TobinIFAGrants PassJosephineSiskiyou Community HealthFamily Support SpecialistNANA
Heather SewallIFARoseburgDouglasDouglas Education Service District- Early InterventionEarly Intervention SpecialistNAEnglish
Jacque DoneyIFAGrants PassJosephineSiskiyou Community Health CenterDirector of Outreach Programs
Jacqueline Alania-GarciaIFAMadrasJeffersonMountain Star Family Relief NurseryInterventionistNANASpanish , English Jacqueline Alania-Garcia Info
Jamie RodrickIFAPortlandMultnomahNurture ChildrenTrainer/ConsultantNAEnglish
Jenifer Torres-BrownIFAGrants PassJosephineSiskiyou Community Health CenterHome Visitor
Jennifer Ann Pedersen
IFAMedfordJacksonSouthern Oregon Head StartDuration Specialist 1

Julie LusbyIFATillamookTillamookHealthy FamiliesProgram SupervisorNoNAEnglishJulie Lusby Info
Kallie AshtonIFAAdrianMalheurMalheur County Child Development CenterEducation SpecialistNANAEnglish
Katie WatsonIFARoseburgDouglas UCAN- Early Head StartHome Visitor
Kelley SchleskeIFALincoln City LincolnFamily Promise of Lincoln CountyCase ManagerN/ANoEnglish
Kimberly DuttonIFAGrants PassJosephineSiskiyou Community Health Center - Healthy FamiliesHealthy Families Eligibility Screener NANAEnglish Kimberly Dutton Info
Kristan EaslerIFAMyrtle PointCoosSouth Coast Head StartEarly Head Start Home VisitorNANAEnglish
Laura AalandIFABendDeschutesHealthy Families of the High DesertFamily Support SpecialistNA
Lily ReyesIFAHood RiverHood RiberThe Next Door, IncWelcome Baby Coordinator, Home VisitorNANA
Lisa AustinIFARoseburgDouglas CountyUCAN: Healthy Families of Douglas CountyHealthy Families Lead Home VisitorN/ANoEnglish
Lisa HubbardIFAGrants PassJosephineHealthy Families/Siskiyou Community Health CenterHome Visitor
Mandy GalbraithIFAGrants PassJosephineSiskiyou Community Health CenterHome Visitor
Marci BrinksIFAEugeneLaneHealthy Families of Lane CountyHome VisitorNANAEnglish
Medora Tuck StevensIFACorvallisBentonOld Mill Center for Children and FamiliesHealthy Families Program ManagerNANAEnglish
Melissa WolfeIFACorvallisBentonOld Mill Center for Children & FamiliesHealthy Families Bilingual Home VisitorNANAEnglish
Michelle SandersIFAMedfordJackson CountySiskiyou Community Health CenterHealthy Families Home VisitorN/ANoEnglish
Michelle Schuller IFALincoln CityLincolnLincoln County Health and Human ServicesCommunity Health Nurse-Nurse Family PartnershipNANAEnglish
Mindee AyersIFANorth BendCoosSouth Coast Head StartEarly Head Start Lead TeacherNANAEnglish
Penny SlayIFARoseburgDouglasUCAN Early Head StartHome Visitor
Rebecca GardnerIFAMilton FreewaterUmatillaOregon Child Development CoalitionFamily & Health Services SupervisorNANAEnglish
Sara ScottIFAGrants PassJosephineImagine That... Creative Children's CenterOn-Site Director and Lead TeacherNANAEnglish
Sayra E Monje SuarezIFAMcMinnvilleYamhillLutheran Community Services NWTeacher InterventionistN/ANoEnglish
Sierra WeaverIFAGrants PassJosephineImagine That Creative Children's CenterLead infant/toddler teacherN/ANoEnglish
Sonja HerboldIFAGrants PassJosephineSiskiyou Community Health CenterSupervisor
Sophia LehmerIFAHood RiverHood River CountyThe Next Door, IncHome VisitorN/ANoEnglish
Stacy InmanIFACentral Point JacksonSouthern Oregon Child and Family Council Inc HHSEarly Head Start Education Manager
Summerford McCleanIFAGrants PassJosephineSiskiyou Community Health CenterHealthy Families Supervisor
Talley Dunn
IFACentral PointJacksonSouthern Oregon Early Head StartEarly Head Start ManagerNANAEnglish
Tammy BurchIFARoseburgDouglasCompass Behavioral HealthMental Health Skills TrainerNANAEnglish
Victoria DominguezIFAHillsboroWashingtonCommunity Action OrganizationHome visitorNANA
Yazmin Juarez Flores
IFAMadrasJeffersonOregon Child Development CoalitionInstructional AssistantNANA
Amy ChristiansonIFSTigardWashington Washington County Health and Human ServicesCommunity Health Nurse IINAEnglish
Andrea ChrismanIFSThe DallesWascoThe Next DoorHealthy Families Home VisitorNAEnglish
Angelica Molina AlvarezIFSBeavertonWashingtonCommunity Action TeamEHS SupervisorNASpanish, English
April ArmstrongIFSNorth BendCoosCoos Health and WellnessHome VisitorIFA, IFS-BAYesEnglishApril Armstrong Info
Barb HoffordIFSRoseburgDouglasDouglas ESDSchool Nurse ConsultantNAEnglish
Barbara Ibrahim
IFSMadrasJeffersonJefferson County Public HealthHome Visiting RNEnglish
Brittney OteroIFSKlamath FallsKlamathKlamath Basin Behavioral HealthMIECHV Family Support SpecialistNANAEnglish
Carmen RequaIFSHermistonUmatillaUmatilla Morrow County Head StartEducation ManagerN/ANoEnglish
Claire DavisIFSEugeneLaneParenting now!Healthy Families SupervisorIFA, IFS-BAYesEnglish
DawnDee Walraven
IFSHillsboroWashingtonLifeWorks NWHealthy Families Program CoordinatorIFA, IFS-BAYesEnglish
Dixie Devita Osborne
IFSEugeneLaneParenting Now! Healthy FamiliesHome Visitor and SupervisorEnglish
Emmalee HagenbucherIFSNorth PlainsWashingtonWashington County Health and Human ServicesCommunity Health NurseIFA, IFS-BAEnglish
Erica WallenIFSBendDeschutesMountain Star Family Relief NurseryInterventionistIFA, IFS-BAEnglish
Grace ParsonIFSHood RiverHood RiverThe Next Door, IncFamily Services Program ManagerIFA, IFS-BAEnglish, Spanish
Hannah StanfieldIFSNorth BendCoos BaySouth Coast Head Start: Oregon Coast Community ActionEarly Head Start Home-Based Area ManagerIFA, IFS-BAEnglish
Jeanna DarnellIFSRedmondDeschutesMountain Star Family Relief NurseryProgram DirectorNANAEnglish
Jessica Schwartz
IFSAlbanyLinnOld Mill Center, Healthy FamiliesHome VisitorEnglish
Katherine CooleyIFSCoos BayCoos BayCoos Health and WellnessHome Visiting Program ManagerIFA, IFS-BAEnglish
Laura PhillipsIFSCoos BayCoos BayCoos Health and WellnessPublic Health Associate; Home VisitorNAEnglish
Laurel CaseIFSBendDeschutesHealthy Families of the High DesertFamily Support Specialist
Laurie Lundy
IFSHillsboroWashingtonWashington County Maternal Child Health Field TeamCommunity Health Nurse IIEnglish
Lori ColvinIFSBendDeschutesHealthy Families of the High DesertProgram ManagerNAEnglish
Mellie Bukovsky-ReyesIFSLincoln CityLincolnPublic School DistrictEnglish to Speakers of Other Languages SpecialistIFA, IFS-BAYesEnglish & SpanishMellie Bukovsky-Reyes Info
Melody Carrington
IFSBendDeschutesHealthy Families of the High DesertFamily Support Specialist/Team LeaderEnglish
Michelle RamosIFSMadrasJeffersonOregon Child Development CoalitionEarly Head Start Education Coordinator
Molly HamiltonIFSKlamath FallsKlamath FallsHealthy Families Klamath Basin Behavioral HealthMIECHV Healthy Families Support Specialist/Co-Facilitator Systems DevelopmentNANAEnglish
Nancy AldermanIFSMcMinnvilleYamhillLutheran Community Services NWRelief Nursery Program SupervisorN/ANoEnglish
Nicole ChipmanIFSPortlandMultnomahAlbina Head StartEHS Teacher/ Home VisitorNANAEnglish
Shelley Paeth
IFSNewportLincolnLincoln County Health and Human ServicesMaternal Child Health Nurse Supervisor

Stephanie BowlinIFSBendDeschutesMountain Star Family Relief NurseryInterventionist and Program CoordinatorNANAEnglish
Stephanie SchmitzIFSPendleton UmatillaIntermountain ESDEI/ECSC SpecialistIFA, IFS-BAEnglish
Susan Hamilton
IFSCentral PointJacksonSouthern Oregon Child and Family CouncilEducation SupervisorEnglish
Susan PinnockIFSBeaverton WashingtonWashington County Dept. of Health and Human ServicesNursing Supervisor of Public Health Division Maternal Child HealthNAEnglish
Tresa Hackford
IFSEugeneLaneLane County Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) Program Registered Nurse, Nurse Home Visitor

Vania Muniz FloresIFSMcMinnvilleYamhillLutheran Community Services NWTeacher InterventionistN/ANoEnglish
Alison HinsonIMHM-CRoseburgDouglasHinson Consulting-Northwest LLC ;
Douglas County ESD, ORIMHA
Behavioral Health Consultant; Reflective Supervision/Consultation ProviderAll Yes- Please contact me with inquiries.EnglishAlison Hinson Info
Dianne Nan LeRoyIMHM-CPortlandMultnomahMorrison Child and Family ServicesInfant and Early Childhood Mental Health ConsultantAllYesEnglishDianne Nan LeRoy Info
Katie SassIMHM-CPortlandMultnomahMorrison Child & Family ServicesInfant & Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Program ManagerAllPlease contact me with inquiries
EnglishKatie Sass Info
Leslie BrownIMHM-CGreshamMultnomahChildren's Relief Nursery/Life Works NWProgram Director & Clinical Services DirectorAllEnglish
Paige LightIMHM-CPortlandMutlnomahPrivate Practice Counseling and Consulting, PSUIECMH Counseling and Consultation, Adjunct FacultyAllYesEnglishPaige Light Info
Redmond ReamsIMHM-CPortlandMultnomahSelf-employedPsychologistAllYesEnglishRedmond Reams Info
Sherri AldermanIMHM-C,PPortlandMultnomahAlderman Boreal Consulting, LLCPresident, Oregon Infant Mental Health Association, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician, CDC Act Early Ambassador to Oregon, Help Me Grow Physician ChampionAllYesEnglishSherri L. Alderman Info
Beth OwensIMHSBeavertonWashingtonColumbia Community Mental HealthClinicianIFA, IFS-BA, IFS-MANoEnglish
Erin Kinavey WennerstromIMHSEugeneLaneCenter for Family DevelopmentClinicianIFA, IFS, IMHSNoEnglish Erin Kinavey Wennerstrom Info
Jen RawhouserIMHSPortland MultnomahKinship HouseChild and Family TherapistIFA, IFS, IMHSNoEnglish
Jessica HallIMHSPortlandMultnomahMorrison Child and Family ServicesBilingual Early Childhood Mental Health ConsultantIFA, IFS, IMHSNoEnglish, Spanish
Marita AllinsonIMHSPortlandMultnomahLife Works NW--The Children's Relief NurseryEarly Childhood Education SupervisorIFA, IFS-BA, IFS-MA, IMHSNoEnglish
Michelle HarveyIMHSSalemMarionLutheran Community Services Northwest: A Family PlaceHealthy Families Program SupervisorIFA, IFS-BA, IFS-MA, IMHSNoEnglish
Rosey WylandIMHSClackamasClackamasAgencyEarly Head Start Mental Health ManagerIFA, IFS-BA, IFS-MA, IMHSYesEnglishRosey Wyland Info