What is Endorsement?

The intent of infant mental health endorsement is to recognize and document the development of infant and family professionals within an organized system of culturally sensitive, relationship-based, infant mental health learning and work experiences. Endorsement verifies an applicant has attained a level of education as specified, participated in specialized in-service trainings, worked with guidance from mentors or supervisors, and acquired knowledge to promote the delivery of high quality, culturally sensitive, relationship-focused services to infants, toddlers, parents, other caregivers and families. It is multidisciplinary and not limited to one profession and does not constitute a license to practice a particular profession.

Endorsement is reciprocal, and is recognized in all states that are using the Michigan Endorsement License.  Currently there are 23 states nationally, with more each year.

With support from the Oregon Health Authority, ORIMHA has purchased the Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health®- (IMH-E®) from the Michigan Infant Mental Health Association. ORIMHA has contracted with Endorsement Director, Paige Light and Endorsement Coordinator, Alison Hinson, to support implementing Endorsement and provide outreach to the state. With funding from the Ford Family Foundation, our Rural Oregon Infant Mental Health Endorsement Initiative will enable ORIMHA to provide rural Endorsement Specialists to serve all Oregon counties over a three year span, as well as provide for Reflective Supervision groups in rural counties.  See our tab titled “Rural Oregon” for updates on who the specialists are, how to contact them, and for scholarship opportunities.

Watch videos of Nichole Paradis and Ashley McCormick, our trainers from Michigan, and other presenters in the field of Infant Mental Health give specifics about the Endorsement at our kickoff event:

Redmond Reams  Welcome and Introductions by Redmond Reams, ORIMHA Board President

Lynn Saxton  Healthy Beginnings:  Supporting Professionals who are Supporting Oregon’s Children and Families by Lynn Saxton, Director, Oregon Health Authority

Christy Cox  IMH in Rural Oregon by Christy Cox, Program Officer, Ford Family Foundation

Nichole Paradis Overview of IMH Competencies and Endorsement® – Part 1

Ashley McCormick  Overview of IMH Competencies and Endorsement® Part 2

Sherri Alderman and Medora Tuck Stevens  Experiences with Becoming and Being Endorsed

Paige Light  How IMH Endorsement® Will be Implemented in Oregon

Benefits of Endorsement:

  1. Provides information of significant benefit to employers, referral sources, and the courts seeking expert witnesses,
  2. Useful in developing individual professional development plans,
  3. Gives greater credibility with employer and professional colleagues,
  4. Endorsement process itself, especially the reflective supervision, can strengthen personal and professional development,
  5. Endorsement recognizes the importance of continuing education and reflective supervision and earning and maintaining endorsement demonstrates commitment to this principle while providing services with a high level of quality and integrity.

Webinar What is Endorsement

Oregon Endorsees Map June 2018

Alliance Map Oct 2017